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>>> I decided to make this group because most of the FF Groups and General Fanart groups out there doesnt accept
character`s re-designs, FF fan characters or FF OCs.

So if you have a FF re-design or a FF fan character/OCs you can send it here..

I also made a couple of Dissidia alt costumes folders.
One for official released alt costumes and other for fan-made alt costumes.


1- Artwork made by yourself only.

Cosplays, banners, signatures, stamps etc. does not belong here.

2-FF characters re-designs, FF fan characters / FF OCs only. (No Kingdom Hearts fanart please)

FF re-designs:
These are FF characters that must have a certain level of original design on them.
This mostly goes for outfits/costumes made by yourself.

Making a character fat, making a FF character cosplay another character or just turning them into a dog, doenst make them original.

FF fan characters / FF OCs:
These are FF characters created by your own. They must be related to a certain FF title
or must be heavily influenced by the FF series.

3- Quality control:
Meager sketches, drawings on lined paper or anything that looks unfinished wont be accepted.

Just send everything to the featured folder, IŽll arrange things later.







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Sqare is considering turning FF into an action RPG[link]
>>> Bad news.. They just need better stories not an action RPG.
I thought FF 13 had good story, but the game mixed reactions so not every one like it, but yeah I think they find other ways to improve the game than go action RPG
>>> I thought FF 13 had a terrible story..:D
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StephanieChateau Nov 15, 2011   General Artist
Do you accept redesign as in costume redesign combining different looks from different games and Amano art?Like hybrid design type stuff? Or does it need to be original characters based in FF world?Or like girl versions of boys and vice versa?
>>> Redesigns are ok as long they are original.
like making your own changes on sephiroth`s outfit and stuff like that, the changes can be based on other FF characters too.

But making a character cosplaying other (like cloud dressed as sephiroth) thats not original at all..

Gender swaps are allowed as long they are original and have their outfits redesigned too.
StephanieChateau Nov 18, 2011   General Artist
O.K. Yeah. I was checking on that cause I took like 3 different versions of sprite style Rubicante and then Amano's sketchy illustration and combined all the parts I thought would make for good costume design sketch and wasn't really sure what that was considered. Did the same for a GoGo costume design I'm working on. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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